Unique web-application on proton pump inhibitors (stomach acid reducing drugs)

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At around November 2016, I decided to build a web-app that would encompass scattered data across the web on proton pump inhibitors into one single place with the adding of a unique input form which once populated would yield beneficial data.

Proton pump inhibitors are acid reducing drugs. They are usually taken on an empty stomach to provide maximal benefit to the consumer. Basically, they shut down the little proton pumps in your stomach thereby decreasing stomach acid output. In that way your stomach lining is able to heal more rapidly, and your oesophagus is protected since a low amount of acid in your stomach isn’t able to find its way up to the oesophagus anymore.

The drugs have been released in the late 80’s and brought a revolution in gastro disease treatment. However, around 2014/2015 lot of studies started coming out showing that these drugs could be harmful if taken for a longer period of time.

I myself had stomach issues at age 19 and had been given these drugs to treat my gastritis. Of course, I Googled them and to my surprise found a lot of data. At that time negative studies hadn’t come out yet although there were quite a few people preoccupied with them. I got quickly interested and decided to devote more attention to them.

As already said, studies started coming out swiftly blaming PPIs for sequence of events that they may produce if taken for a prolonged time.

According to the studies PPIs were blamed for: dementia, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, stomach polyps, clostridium difficile infection, vitamin deficiency, stomach cancer, premature death among others. One gets pretty frightened after hearing all of these elements being associated to them.

Anyway, I decided to get my hands dirty in terms of building a unique software in order to create something beneficial for the gastro disease patient’s community.

The first goal was to collect posts http://ppisforlife.com/#/posts from all around the web and accumulate them into one place.

The posts were collected from various sources, but most of them were retrieved from the following sites: Patient.info, Peoples Pharmacy, Daily Mail, The Telegraph, Reddit, CBS, The Sun, Crohn’s Disease Forum, Chris Kresser, Barrett’s Wessex, The Healing WELL, The New York Times etc.

The main criteria whether the post was chosen or not was the duration of the therapy. If the duration was specified, the post was analyzed and stored in the database.

Apart from patients expressing their opinions the doctor opinions were also collected. You’d be amazed how much of a non-consensus exists among them. Some of them claim that PPIs are super safe whilst other say that they may yield more damage than steroids. Because of that the input form which I’ve created could solve these problems if a good amount of people decides to give out their data on their therapy.

With the data collected, I generated a statistic http://ppisforlife.com/#/statistics page which shows trends in terms of most prevalent conditions, drugs usage, side effects, nutrient deficiency, natural supplements etc.

Likewise, info pages are provided on PPIs as well. This page should answer most of your questions:  http://ppisforlife.com/#/faq

As mentioned multiple times in the article the form page: http://ppisforlife.com/#/form represents the crucial part to demystify if these drugs pose a threat or not. Those of you who are taking PPIs, please fill the form. By doing that you’ll make a great contribution.

If you have any questions concerning the app feel free to ask via mail: eugen.sunic@gmail.com