Google maps zoom parameter inside an URL not working (2015)

On September 28th a question was posted on Stackoverflow where the OP complained about the zoom parameter INSIDE HIS URL. He tried to solve the problem by specifying the zoom parameter using the letter z and the value, example: z=12 (setting the zoom parameter to 12). The problem is, this doesn’t work anymore.

In google maps v2 and even in the v3 the following link:,-90.243462&z=12 would have worked without any issue. However, for some reason the Google team decided to change it and not to allow anymore this kind of adjustment to work anymore (I must say that I’m surprised with that, I’m still not sure what was the reason for removing the documentation and functionality of the above link).

Fortunately, I found a hack on how to still use the Google maps z parameter and to get the desired result with it. Allow me to make a group of links which do not work, which work but with not getting 100% what you want.

Examples where the z parameter doesn’t work (try changing the z value to see that the parameter always holds a constant value):

Examples where the z parameter works but you do not get the pinpoint (try changing the z value to see that the parameter affects the map):

(Note: after clicking on google maps you will get a gray marker which appears and quickly disappears)

Example which works (by changing the zoom parameter the map is being affected and the red pinpoint is shown):,-90.243462&ll=38.6531004,-90.243462&z=3

The hack included adding the q attribute parameter (represents the search query) and the II attribute/parameter(represents the latitude and longitude of the map center point).

I hope this will work for at least a year from now on. If there is any issue with the link or if it doesn’t work anymore please leave a comment.

 LINK to SO question&answer